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Many home and business owners aren’t sure what “hard water” means, but when the water from your faucet is problematic, finding a high-quality filter or treatment system is important. Adding a water treatment system to your plumbing can instantly transform the quality of your water. A water filtration system can also help save your plumbing system from damages caused by hard water. In addition to harming your plumbing systems, hard water is also bad for your hair, skin, appliances, and dishes. Our Apopka water filtration specialists can install the perfect water treatment system. The right water filtration unit can have you back to enjoying clean, odor-free water directly from your faucet in no time!

A water treatment system may be exactly what you need for your home or business. We offer affordable pricing and 24/7 emergency services. Call (321) 341-5040 or contact us online for an appointment.

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If you aren’t sure whether you need a water filtration system or not, there are signs you can look out for that indicate your water is hard. Whether you choose a water purification system or a whole-home water treatment program, these devices work by removing heavy metals and minerals from your water. These minerals, metals, and chemicals can lead to unpleasant tasting, strange odor, and discolored water.

If your water has any of the following characteristics, it should be tested and treated:

  • Spots on your glasses or cloudy stains
  • Drain and faucet moldy or grimy build up
  • Damaged hair and irritated skin
  • Cloudy ice cubes

Why Does Your Waters Smell?

Many water quality issues eventually lead property owners to seek out a treatment program, for instance, when you are faced with smelly water, you need a solutions. When your water has a foul odor, it is a sign that it’s been compromised by something it has come into contact in your plumbing system. Often, the smell is the unmistakable odor of rotten eggs, which can signal bacteria growth in your pipes, or your water smells bad and is also discolored, which is a sign that your pipes are beginning to corrode. Whatever the smell, it’s important to remedy your smelly water issues with the proper water treatment system before it can cause health complications.

Below are a few more of the benefits you would receive from a water filtration system,

  • Safer Drinking Water -
    With a water filtration system in your home, you are helping to ensure that your water is clean and pure. Our water filtration system can help remove harmful contaminants like lead and fluoride. Give us a call today for our expert
  • Longer Lasting Plumbing -
    With a water filtration system installed in your home, removing those harmful chemicals can also help keep your home's plumbing system as well as your kitchen and bathroom faucets from getting damaged by those chemicals and hard mineral deposits.
  • Healthier Baths and Showers -
    Water filtration systems not only help with safer drinking water, but also can help provide you with healthier showers as well as baths. Your body can still absorb those harmful water contaminants and cause skin irritation and dryness. With a water filtration system, those chemicals are removed from the water and can help provide you with softer skin.

The Spegal Plumbing Difference

At Spegal Plumbing, LLC., we are proud to provide water filtration and treatment systems to homes and businesses across Central Florida. Whether you’re in Apopka or Zellwood, our team of water filtration specialists can work to ensure you have access to safe and clean water. The master plumbers on our staff are building a reputation in our community for excellence in customer services and quality care. We don’t cut corners or install substandard products, so when you choose Spegal Plumbing, LLC. you can rest easy knowing you’re working with some of the most dedicated specialists in the area. Make sure to check out our reliable and professional hydro jetting services to ensure your home's drains stay clean and clear.

We don’t say we’re the best to boast. Our commitment to customer service and care only highlight how we are different from many of our competitors. Our technicians go above and beyond to get every job done right, down to the smallest detail. Our attention to detail and commitment to excellence are why our locally owned small business has grown exponentially since opening in 2012. We have a 50-vehicle fleet and over 100 employees. Customers choose us for our expertise, but they keep coming back for our excellent customer service.

Call our Apopka water filtration team today at (321) 341-5040. You can also contact us online. Make sure to ask about discounts or coupons that are available for your new system.

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