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The toilet is among the most used plumbing fixtures in the average home. A clogged, overflowing, or leaking toilet is also one of the most unsanitary and unsettling plumbing fixture problems. The experienced master plumbers at Spegal Plumbing, LLC. provide toilet installation and repairs in Apopka and neighboring communities to assist you with any toilet problem. Don't forget to take a look at our hydro jetting services as well!

Is a toilet causing trouble? Call (321) 341-5040 for toilet repair near you or contact our team online for expert toilet installation or repair service.

Don’t Ignore Your Home Toilet Issues

Unfortunately, many people ignore toilet-related issues, such as recurring clogs or minor leaks. This can be a costly decision. For example:

  • A toilet that is constantly running can waste hundreds of gallons of water over the course of the year, which increases your water bills.
  • A leak can slowly cause water damage or create the ideal environment for mold growth, which can leave you with more expensive repairs down the line.

Convenient Same-Day Toilet Repair & Installation in Apopka

The best thing you can do to avoid damage to your home is to deal with minor plumbing issues as they arise. In most situations, we are able to provide same-day appointments for a malfunctioning toilet and other plumbing problems. Our plumbers offer prompt, professional service for all types of plumbing issues and expert toilet installation and repairs in Apopka to provide the ideal solution to every problem.

What are The Signs a Toilet Needs Repair Services?

At Spegal Plumbing LLC., we recommend taking a proactive approach to toilet repair and other plumbing issues. This can help you avoid bigger emergencies and more extensive damage. Our master plumbers are often able to resolve problems with toilets by replacing the component that is malfunctioning, and they are experienced with all common toilet problems.

Our Apopka plumbers can help with a toilet that is:

  • Constant Clogging -
    If your bathroom toilet clogs, it's a very normal thing to happen. But, if clogging has occurred multiple times in a week, it may be that your toilet needs repairs. It could be severe blockage in your plumbing system and require professional assistance.
  • Not flushing At All -
    Have you had to flush your toilet several times for it to fully flush? Or is your toilet not flushing at all? It's likely a problem with your toilet handle's flushing mechanism or it's possible that the toilets water jets are clogged. Contact us today for expert help.
  • Toilet Leaks -
    Toilet leaks are the most severe problem with a toilet in need of repair. As soon as your notice your toilet is leaking, look for any cracks on the bowl or in the porcelain and contact us right away.

Our Professional Toilet Repair and Installation Process

  1. We start with a quick inspection to determine why your toilet isn’t working right.
  2. Our service trucks are well-stocked with parts and tools for many common toilet problems, so we can get the problem fixed in one visit to your home. However, repair is not always the best option for every toilet issue.
  3. If a replacement is needed, we will advise you of this option.
  4. We provide toilet installation and repairs in Apopka to provide the right solution to any issue.

New Toilet Installation Near You

If your toilet isn’t working, replacement may be your best bet for many reasons.

A toilet may need to be replaced when:

  • There are cracks in the tank or bowl
  • The toilet is old
  • You notice the toilet needs to be repaired frequently
  • You notice that it is wobbling when you sit on it

In addition, upgrading your toilet can be great for water conservation, comfort, and aesthetics.

We provide expert services for Apopka toilet installation and repairs that are tailored to your exact needs. If your toilet can’t be repaired or you want to upgrade to improve your bathroom or conserve water, we can help you find toilets that meet your specific requirements and make sure your new toilet is installed for great performance. Make sure to take a look at our rave plumbing reviews as well as our incredible specials!

Please contact us to schedule your toilet repair or installation in Apopka, Florida today. Don't forget to visit our plumbing reviews to see why customers choose our toilet installation & repair service when they need a toilet repair near them.

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